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Ins and Outs of COVID Travel

10/05/2020 in Anywhere

Things sure have changed since this time last year! People want to travel and they want to know what to expect if they did decide to go somewhere so we want to acquaint you with a few things that are in effect at this time (October 1, 2020).

For any of the airlines or tour companies, here are some details...

How does airfare pricing work?

07/01/2017 in Anywhere

Many people have their own theory, but there’s more to airline pricing than most travellers know.

There are two main types of flights. Scheduled flights typically operate year round. Charter flights operate on a specific day and during limited time periods.

When you book a regularly scheduled flight there are a number of classes for each fare. If the cheapest fare...

Your Own Personal Iceland Stopover Buddy

10/18/2016 in Iceland

Iceland is a hot destination these days. Did you know that Icelandair offers you a free (up to 7 nights) stopover service on your transatlantic flight en route to Europe? Well, you should take advantage!

And what's more, starting soon Icelandair will offer a complimentary buddy service for you to utilize on your trip. What does this mean? It's an...

What to Eat in The Bahamas?

07/18/2016 in Anywhere

Tasty meals to eat in the Bahamas

As you’d expect in an island nation, seafood is very popular. The national dish is conch (pronounced “conk” with a hard K), a type of mollusk, served deep-fried (“cracked”) or raw with a twist of lemon, and as elsewhere in the
Caribbean, the classic accompaniment is peas and rice.

Ordinary meals can be purchased for...

It's Impossible to be Blue in Colorful Curacao!

01/25/2016 in Curacao

Curaçao’s popularity is growing fast among Canadian travellers is rapidly growing. Why? Because this idyllic island has so much to offer:

  • The island is influenced by more than 50 cultures, the main ones being Dutch, Spanish and African-Caribbean. This cultural fusion, along with Curaçao’s welcoming people and laid-back lifestyle, are what set it apart. 
  • The island offers warm weather and glistening beaches typically found throughout the Caribbean; however,...

Jamaica's Palace Resorts and the all new Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

07/06/2015 in Jamaica

Combining the warm hospitality of Palace Resorts with the relaxed island life of Jamaica, the all-new Moon Palace Jamaica Grande is the perfect place for your next Caribbean escape. WestJet and Air Canada offer non-stop flights to Montego Bay, Jamaica, from several Canadian cities including Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Winnipeg.

Jubilee Travel are certified as Jamaica specialists by the...