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Jamaica's Blue mountain: Beauty in paradise

02/12/2016 in Portland, Jamaica

No one can dispute the fact that Jamaica is a Caribbean Paradise. Its holiday hotspots such as Ocho Rios and Montego Bay top the list of great Caribbean vacation destinations. Now in these spectacular landscapes is a towering marvel - The Blue Mountain Peak (2256 meters high).

The Blue mountain ranges are the longest such ranges in Jamaica. From the summit...

The Amazing Biodiversity and Culture of Ibiza

02/04/2016 in Ibiza Town

The early Phoenicians imprints, the Arab mudejar art and Catalan architecture are all well preserved in the renaissance bastions of the Upper Town of Ibiza. For this fact alone, the town has warranted inscription into the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The long process of constructing the defensive walls did not alter the street plans. Rather, the town remained intact. The 16th...

The World's Best Yoga Spots

02/03/2016 in Anywhere

One of the most renowned relaxation and meditation exercises is Yoga. It not only helps a person concentrate and become one with nature but also focus less on his problems and more on relaxing. Below are the world's hottest Yoga Spots.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram

This is the world's top yoga destination. It offers lessons in Yoga and is big...

Walk the Jordan Trail - from Um Qais to Aqaba

12/30/2015 in Anywhere

The Jordan Trail is a walking trail crossing and connecting the length of the country of Jordan from Um Qais in the north to Aqaba and the Red Sea in the south. Offering 40 days of trekking across more than 600 kilometers of trail, it traverses the diverse landscapes and vistas of the country: the rolling wooded hills of the...

Discover Catalonia - The Most Popular Tourist Region in Spain

12/12/2015 in Catalonia

Catalonia, Catalunya, Cataluña - Spectacular No Matter How you Say It

Spectacular beaches and resorts on the Costa Brava, mountain scenery, a world-class foodie scene, the works of famous artists such as Gaudí and Dalí, Dalí's gloriously surreal 'theatre-museum' in Figueres Barcelona and other fascinating architecture, World Heritage Sites such as the medieval city of Girona, the many delights...

Jamaica's Blue and John Crow Mountains Gain UNESCO World Heritage Status

07/08/2015 in Jamaica

Jamaica’s Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park has just achieved UNESCO World Heritage Status! It is one of only 32 sites in the world that have is recognized for both its natural and cultural significance, and the first mixed site for the Caribbean sub-region. The park is globally known for its biodiversity, and is one of two remaining habitats...

Wildlife, Culture and Adventure in Baja Mexico, the World's Aquarium

03/28/2015 in Baja California Sur

In March 2015, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA; www.adventuretravel.biz) together with the tourism board of Baja California Sur showcased the region to a group of experienced outbound tour operators, specialized media and influencers from the adventure travel industry during Mexico’s first AdventureWeek. Our Marketing Director, Judy Karwacki, was among the participants invited by ATTA and BCS.

Culture and Active Travel in the Yucatan Peninsula – Day 4

01/22/2015 in City of Mexico

Rio Secreto is a stunning underground river with thousands of dramatic stalactites and stalagmites. The tour takes you back to see natural history dating back millions of years as you hike and swim through a 600-meter cavern route. Going deep inside an underground cave, you experience profound silence floating through some of the most dramatic mineral formations in the world.


Copper Canyon - The Biggest and Most Fun Canyon of them all!

01/02/2015 in City of Mexico

August 2014 saw Jubilee Travel’s Marketing Director Judy Karwacki visiting Mexico’s Copper Canyon, which is larger and deeper than the more famous and crowded Grand Canyon. The Copper Canyon is actually a system of many canyons, 5 of which are easier to access. Judy’s journey included hopping onboard the train at Chepe to enjoy the best part of the famous...