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A 'Treasure' of Authentic, Sustainable Jamaica at Treasure Beach

07/07/2016 in Treasure Beach

Many visitors traveling to Jamaica never see the island outside their all-inclusive resorts. But if you're an adventurous traveler who's willing to brave a few potholes driving on winding country roads, you'll find a 'treasure' of old Jamaica in the South West part of the Caribbean island.

Treasure Beach is a village on the coast in the agricultural heartland of Jamaica...

10 engagement ring trends

06/30/2016 in Anywhere

1. Bows: intricate bows add just enough flash to an engagement ring without being too tacky.

2. Customized and Meaningful: engraving your ring is always in style. The sky's the limit now with some available style consisting of ring elements with built in storage for a short poem. WOW!!

3. Metal Prongs: the prongs which hold the diamond in the setting are...

Say I Do in Las Vegas

06/16/2016 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for their quick and very convenient wedding ceremonies. With wedding drive-thrus, you can be get married in 10 minutes or less. What you may not know is that Las Vegas is perfect for any kind of wedding. Whether you want to elope and have an intimate ceremony or have a grand affair, Las Vegas provides weddings...

Say I DO in Punta Cana

05/26/2016 in Dominican Republic

Punta Cana has it all for a perfect wedding. Luxurious resorts, lively villages, luscious tropical scenery, powdery beaches and turquoise blue oceans. Always ranked as some of the best places for destination weddings and one of the national treasures of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. Beach ceremonies in Punta Cana are popular but there are other endless possibilities for...

Say I Do in Mexico

05/19/2016 in Mexico

When planning our Big Day, we want it to be special and out of the ordinary. We try to think of new destinations that will make it a "once-in-a-lifetime" memory. What better destination to achieve this than Mexico? Mexico brings a wide range of locations that you can choose to have your perfect day. They include the animated city of...

Destination Weddings in St. Lucia

05/12/2016 in St Lucia

Saint Lucia is the perfect destination for romance. Whether you want an adventure wedding, an unbelievable honeymoon or a quiet intimate getaway, St. Lucia guarantees a romantic experience that you can only dream of.

St. Lucia offers:

  • A mix of French and British Influences
  • An ideal backdrop for special...

Why get married in the Bahamas

04/20/2016 in The Bahamas

There are endless ways to declare your love for one another when planning a destination wedding in The Bahamas. With blue skies, pure white sand beaches, and several cays, reefs, beaches and botanical gardens, the possibilities are endless. The Bahamas won the prestigious 2015 Leading Wedding Destination at the World Travel Awards which is a testament to why you should...

It's Impossible to be Blue in Colorful Curacao!

01/25/2016 in Curacao

Curaçao’s popularity is growing fast among Canadian travellers is rapidly growing. Why? Because this idyllic island has so much to offer:

  • The island is influenced by more than 50 cultures, the main ones being Dutch, Spanish and African-Caribbean. This cultural fusion, along with Curaçao’s welcoming people and laid-back lifestyle, are what set it apart. 
  • The island offers warm weather and glistening beaches typically found throughout the Caribbean; however,...

Why you should get married in Belize

01/22/2016 in Belize

Why you should get married in Belize:

From its language to its food, the culture of Belize is rich and diverse. Take a break from the beach and delve into the 4 unique cultures of the Belize people. 

Your wedding will be totally unique. Everyone has been to or knows of people who have travelled to Mexico or the DR for a...