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Hiking to Machu Pichhu – What you Need to Know

07/06/2016 in Cerro Machupicchu

The Inca Trail to Machu Pichhu is a 39-kilometre trekking and camping trail. It is the hardest and most exciting way to get to Machu Picchu. The longest trail starts in Pisacucho (km 82) on the Machu Picchu railway. The trail crosses through different ecosystems, colossal archaeological sites and terrain rich in flora and fauna, before arriving at the Machu...

Top Ten Food Trucks in Chicago

04/01/2016 in Chicago

You would think that people know about food trucks...you would be wrong. Only a few discerning travellers know that this is a great way to save on your travelling budget. If you are travelling to Chicago or through it, you would be delighted to know that there are thousands of food trucks in Chicago. Below are the top ten of...

Top Reasons to Take A River Cruise

03/22/2016 in Anywhere

Top Reasons to Take a River Cruise

  • An Intimate Experience

River cruise ships are often exclusively built for the company which means they come with state-of-the-art amenities. They vary in size and can accommodate from 50 to 200 guests with styles ranging from friendly and casual to elegant and refined. Some cruises may cater to families but most are...

Three Local Restaurants You Must Check Out in Aruba

02/19/2016 in Aruba

Aruba is one of the world's most loved holiday destinations. It is therefore imperative you know where to dine during your stay. The country divides its dining into 3 major categories namely; budget dining, casual dining, and fine dining. You are therefore covered if you are travelling on lean budget or are not into formal dining or just want to...

Eiffel Tower, Paris

02/18/2016 in Paris

I know that you are wondering why Eiffel Tower is so overdone by travel writers. Read through this post and you might learn a new thing about the iron lattice tower that you did not know.

The tower was mounted in 1889 as an entrance to the 1889 World's Fair. It is the most recognizable and most visited structure in the...

Uncover the History Behind Mexico

02/19/2016 in Mexico

Most an ancient civilization in the Americas has its roots in Mexico. From Olmec to Toltec, from Teotihuacan to Zapotec and Maya and Aztec...every civilization worth its salt in the ancient Americas has a connection to Mexico. Perhaps there is something to this country than meets the eye.

The name 'Mēxihco' is a Nahuatl word that means 'Among the prickly pears...

5 farmers markets you need to check out in Amsterdam

02/14/2016 in The Convent Amsterdam

Amsterdam is easily the 'Sin City' of Europe. It is comparable only to Las Vegas in US. It is therefore no wonder pleasure-seekers and businessmen have a soft spot for this Dutch capital. If you are in the city, you have already realized how expensive it is to eat out. If you are yet to travel, then today is your...

A short guide about Jamaican Food

02/14/2016 in Jamaica

Jamaica is known for its dance and reggae music, Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios and of course Dunns River Falls. However, you will be hard pressed to hear travellers talking about the culinary scene in Jamaica. Read through this blog and get to discover the secrets of Jamaican cuisine. The secrets are presented in point format;

1. First of all, you...

To Die For Beaches In The Caribbean

02/13/2016 in Anywhere

The Caribbean's turquoise waters and sandy beaches make for a fantastic relaxation and rejuvenation holiday. The tropical weather and sun make it a great escape for those keen on avoiding winter in the northern hemisphere. Below are Caribbean's top beaches;

1. Shaol Bay, Anguilla

Look out for the Hollywood stars for chitchat. The pearly white beach is located on the island's...

Must Visit Destinations in Africa

02/12/2016 in Africa

What would you give to relax on white sand beaches and listen to African drum beats in the background? Better still, how would you love to wake up early in the morning to the cacophony of sounds that make up the African wild? Below are destinations where you can have this and more.

1. Maasai Mara National Reserve

Here you will...