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Hotel Riu Palace Aruba

10/08/2014 in Aruba

The Hotel Riu Palace Aruba is located on two buildings, an 8-storey and 10-storey, on the beautiful Palm Beach of Aruba. The resort is strategically located at about 10 kilometers from the airport, 300 meters from the shops and 4 kilometers from Oranjestad.

It boasts a total of 450 guest rooms which are classified into double rooms, junior suites, and suites...

Arenal Manoa Hotel & Spa in Costa Rica

10/07/2014 in Costa Rica

The Arenal Manoa Hotel & Spa is located in La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica. The landscape surrounding the hotel is punctuated by the breathtaking views of the Arenal Volcano, beautifully manicured gardens, a host of wildlife species and pastures. Its staffs are bubbly and eager to please and its facilities are trendsetters in the Costa Rican hospitality industry.


Hotel Bougainvillea in Costa Rica

10/06/2014 in Costa Rica

The Hotel Bougainvillea is located at Santo Domingo de Heredia in Costa Rica. It is ideally located, just 10 minutes from downtown San José. The suburban hotel sits pretty on sprawling 10-acres of tropical gardens with local and exotic flowers.

The hotel's accommodations are divided into several categories including;

  • Single occupancy
  • Double Occupancy
  • Junior Suite single or double occupancy

Among the amenities that you should...

Hotel Riu Guanacaste in costa Rica

10/03/2014 in Costa Rica

That Costa Rica is the most beautiful country in the world is not in doubt. Figure this; the country has two coastlines - the Caribbean Sea to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West. The country is located between 8 and 12 degrees north of the Equator, meaning that it boasts tropical weather throughout the year. Now within...

Explore Smuggler's Cove Resort & Spa in St. Lucia

10/01/2014 in St Lucia

The Smuggler's Cove Resort & Spa is located at Cap Estate, St. Lucia. It is an all-inclusive resort that has an enchanting effect on all that set their foot there. You will get to enjoy the tropical trappings as well as take some time off to relax and unwind.

The following are the categories of the rooms you will find here;

  • Standard...

Experience a Life of Luxury at Westin Melbourne

09/22/2014 in Melbourne

How about a stay in a resort in Melbourne's Collin Street? You will be surrounded by chic boutiques, upscale restaurants and nightclubs and all that is good in the city. This is a chic neighborhood in the Central Business District of Melbourne, and you will have earned bragging rights among your friends.

Accommodations at the hotel are divided into several categories...

Explore Boucan By Hotel Chocolat in St. Lucia

09/29/2014 in St Lucia

The Boucan by Hotel Chocolat is perched high up in the rainforests and sun drenched cocoa groves. It is part of the larger Rabot Estate, Saint Lucia's oldest plantation.

At this spectacular holiday resort you get to sample the various variations of cocoa and chocolate, as well as appetite inducing cookies. What more, you can indulge in the soothing cocoa treatment...

Explore Bay Gardens Beach Resort in St. Lucia

09/29/2014 in St Lucia

The Bay Gardens Beach Resort sits pretty in St. Lucia's capital of nightlife and entertainment - the Rodney Bay Village. Even more interesting is the fact that it is a beachfront property, with the expansive Reduit Beach sprawling right before the resort. Thinking of a fun-filled holiday? Think Bay Gardens Beach Resort.

Accommodations at the hotel are divided into several categories...

Rocco Forte Presents Hotel De Rome

09/25/2014 in Berlin

The year is 1889 and the then Dresdner Bank has just completed its offices. It is the pride of East Berliners given that it occupies one of the most important squares in the city. Fast forward to 2014 and the former bank is today a 5-star hotel that attracts the well-heeled and upwardly mobile.

Imagine this; a former jewel vault is...

Explore Sandals Halycon Beach Resort in St. Lucia

09/28/2014 in St Lucia

Tranquil, serene, picturesque, idyllic, beautiful, quaint…whichever adjective you pick, it will fit the description of Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort & Spa. It is located on a beach that is punctuated by lush palm trees, pristine white sands, and turquoise crystal clear water. The resort is the ultimate vacation destination for the discerning holidaymaker.

Your holiday experience will get a new high...